5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 17 2011

In Soho mid-December? Hang with some of the nation's most sizzling firefighters, plus pick up some of the city's best sex toys.(Gothamist)
Check out an exclusive look at the private Christian Louboutin sale and take note of the "ruthless" shopping skils you'll need come Black Friday. (Racked)
For all you New Yorkers still scrambling to pick up a piece of Versace x H&M, here's an all inclusive list of every store that will carry the already iconic line. (Fashionista)
As if finding a place to go to relieve yourself in this city wasn't hard enough, now Starbucks, your always go-to-pee coffee empire, is closing it's bathroom doors to the public. And it's all your fault. (New York Observer)
There's an entire science (or at least blog) dedicated to the powers, mysteries, and benefits of cuddling. (Cuddle Labs)