Hoop Dreams

Fashion's most interchangeable accessory transcends the perfect circle.
hoopdreams_openMaybe it's the free-spirited, less-is-more vibe of summer that's come over us, but swapping out stone studs and swishy chandeliers for a clean, classic pair of hoops just feels right. Having dug up our own no-nonsense pairs from way back when, we also did some digging through a new generation of hoop dreams.
No longer just a perfect circle, the summer's smartest earrings are sparked with subtle flourishes, some whimsical, some harder-edged. Our favorites span the gamut, from Elizabeth Yarborough's hippier, feather-fringed half-hoop ($160) to the more serious Emerald hoop by British jeweler Lara Bohinc, who dabbles with clean geometrics (about $270). Here, we've gathered more than just a well-rounded assortment of the hoops to have right now.

1. Karen Karch—Vine Hoops

$1,500, available at Karen Karch, 240 Mulberry Street, 212-965-9699. For more information, go to www.karenkarch.com


2. Yarborough Jewelry—Peacock Hoops

$160, special order through www.yarboroughjewelry.com

3. Lisa Levine—Half-Looped Hoops
$105, available at www.lisalevinejewelry.com

4. Bing Bang—Hammered Hoops

$150, available at www.bingbangonline.com


5. Philip Crangi for Giles & Brother—Rope Hoops

$65, available at Electric Ladyland, 866-948-9341. For more information, go to www.gilesandbrother.com

6. Pade Vavra—Thorn Hoops

$1,500, available at Kaviar & Kind (by appointment only), 8533 Sunset Boulevard, 310-659-9523. For more information, go to www.padevavra.com

7. Lara Bohinc—Emerald Hoops

Approximately $267, available on request in New York at Cornelia Boutique, 663 Fifth Avenue (at 52nd Street), 212-871-3059 and in Los Angeles at Curve, 154 North Robertson, 310-360-8008. For more information, go to www.larabohinc107.co.uk

—Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
Fashion's most interchangeable accessory transcends the perfect circle.