Starlets’ Fave Eco-Chic Label Fin Oslo Launches A New Online Shop

Like most L.A. residents, we spend half our days sitting in traffic, which means we don't always have time to hit the stores. Fortunately for our shopping whims and wallets, eco-chic brand Fin Oslo has just launched a new e-commerce site and is offering us a pretty sweet discount to celebrate its debut. It's no secret why stylish Hollywood starlets like Kiera Knightly, Kate Bosworth, and Hillary Swank all dig the Norwegian brand. Their super-soft, subtly stylin' clothes are all sustainable thanks to the use of organic fabrics and the brand's commitment to being carbon neutral. From now until June 15, you can grab a deal before the online shop "officially" launches to the public by going to the site ( and using the coupon code "facebookfan" at checkout to snag a 30% discount on all orders. With deals like this, it's pretty fun being green.