24 Drugstore Products Hollywood’s Top Makeup Artists Swear By

Never before has the gap between drugstore and prestige products been so small. Which, to anyone on a budget, is some really good news. In fact, many affordable formulas are just as good, if not better, than their pricier counterparts. The challenge, instead, is navigating the selection. After all, aisle A6 at your local pharmacy doesn’t have its own highly trained salesgirl. Luckily, Hollywood is here to help.
Red carpet artists have a keen working knowledge of nearly every product available — from the best Korean liquid eyeliner to prestige lipstick priced in the double digits to mascara that costs less than your Sunday-morning latte — and they don’t discriminate. The best artists care about one thing: performance.
We’ve tapped the most in-demand red carpet makeup artists in Hollywood to divulge the drugstore products that have earned a place in their kits or their personal makeup bags. Trust us, this list delivers. The dreamy, baby-pink lipstick that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s makeup artist swears by for the star? Yep, that’s from the drugstore. The blush Kerry Washington is always wearing? It costs less than the burrito you had for lunch. Seriously, this is as close to priceless as it gets.

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