The Most Revolutionary Beauty Products EVER, Picked By Hollywood’s Top Pros

Fun fact: Today is Bastille Day, France’s national holiday that celebrates the start of the French Revolution in 1789. And while it’s been a hot minute since anyone stormed a medieval fortress in Paris — stay with us here, we’re getting to the good part — there are still revolutions happening every day.

So we ask: What better opportunity to take a look at revolutions close to our own hearts? You guessed it: We’re talking about beauty. After all, a revolution is a revolution, whether it brings us freedom from tyranny or from cakey makeup. (Don't worry, we're half joking.)

We tapped 13 of the most in-demand Hollywood red carpet makeup artists, hairstylists, and nail artists — who look after the likes of Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and Miley Cyrus — to share the products that have revolutionized their fields.
From the foundation that perfects the skin of your favorite celebs to the dry shampoo that delivers foolproof results to the nail polish that does it all, this is your beauty shopping guide for products that are proven to perform. It's time to free yourself from the same old routine.
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Makeup Artist: Fiona Stiles
Clients: Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Faris
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"I have never used or seen a more perfect liquid liner than this one. The color is a deep, inky black; the brush gives you a perfect, even line with no skipping, allowing you to get the finest line and the most perfect wing; and the color never transfers. It is truly remarkable. And the refillable cartridges save on waste."
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"Nothing has changed how we makeup artists apply makeup like the Beauty Blender. There have been a lot of imitators, but none is ever as good as the real deal made by [fellow makeup artist] ReAnn Silva. It's the best shortcut to getting a flawless, even finish with your foundation. Plus, it helps you fix any mistakes: Too much blush? Too much bronzer? It will even out those blotchy patches perfectly. She even made one for body makeup. Pretty genius."
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"This is a miracle tool for people with dead-straight lashes or outer corner lashes that never accept a curl with a traditional lash curler. Or when you have those rogue straight lashes that just won't cooperate, no matter what. It's small and narrow, so you can target which lashes need that extra curl. And it works on bottom lashes, too."
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Makeup Artist: Kathy Jeung
Clients: Rita Ora, Pink, Nicole Scherzinger
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"This is an oil-free makeup remover in moistened swab form. Indispensable to remove smudges and make makeup corrections without disturbing makeup. Since it's oil-free, there's no chance of leaving fiber filaments near eyes."

Andrea EyeQ's Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Correctors, $6.60, available at Amazon.

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"This stain works intuitively to add a custom tint to lips with a glossy finish. Perfect for a hint of pink on the lips, and it stays put while looking natural."
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"These miniature wax-paper palette sheets come on a pad for mixing foundation and makeup colors and removing excess cream-formula makeup from brushes before applying."
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Makeup Artist: Lauren Andersen
Clients: Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Richie
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"I'm obsessed with this product, especially for perfect, even summertime legs. It has revolutionized the art of quick, flawless body makeup. It's basically foundation for your body, without looking like foundation. It's perfect for the girl that's going on vacation, or just a day out, and wants to cover up veins or any leg imperfections. Be careful when applying, because it can get messy. I usually spray it onto my hands first, and then rub it in."
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"This concealer blends easily to conceal the darkest of dark circles. I love the way it glides into the skin and does not move. It has a matte finish, making it look natural and flawless. Lightly swipe a little under the eyes after foundation for the best coverage of dark circles, or with a small brush to spot-conceal any pigmentation or visible blemishes on the skin."
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"This brow product is revolutionary because of its pigment and ability to stay on all day without smudging! It gives great brow definition and is waterproof. It's a must-have for oily skin, humid weather, or anyone wanting that perfect brow. Apply it with an angled, stiff brush."
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Makeup Artist: Carola Gonzalez
Clients: Kerry Washington, Rashida Jones, Jaime King
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"This foundation was, and is, revolutionary due to its texture: It creates a luminous and silky finish and adds a beautiful glow on the skin. It's just unbeatable. It truly transforms the skin from dull to radiant. It’s like it takes years off your skin and rejuvenates you. It has medium coverage, but for a more sheer application, use a damp wedge such as the Beauty Blender and apply all over the face."
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"When the vamp look came out, it was revolutionary and definitely made a statement. I remember everyone being obsessed with this shade, especially me. We owe it to Chanel, who made it revolutionary with the Rouge Noir #109 lipstick. I couldn’t get it for ages because it sold out! It’s sexy, classic, and if you want to be daring, this is the way to go. Plus, it looks great on every skin tone."
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"I don’t know a makeup artist who doesn’t carry this blush in his or her kit. It was one of the first blushes with shimmer to come out, and it was the 'It blush' to have. Years later, it's still one of my favorites. It’s great if you want to add a little glow to your cheekbones, and you can easily layer it with a bronzer."
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Makeup Artist: Jo Baker
Clients: Emily Ratajkowski, Emmy Rossum, Salma Hayek

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"Not only do these wipes remove the heaviest eye makeup in an instant, but they don't irritate or drag the delicate skin area. No furious rubbing needed; just press on top of eyelid and makeup glides away effortlessly! These wipes don't leave you with a slimy film often associated with makeup wipes, but leave a gentle, fast-absorbing oil, which helps to nourish and protect the eye area."
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"I love a sleek, understated, no-nonsense mascara applicator. It allows extremely close application from root to tip with both precision and ease. But that's not all: The gel-like black formula won't weigh down your fresh curl and coats the lashes in a unique and long-lasting way. Doesn't budge, smear, flake, or run. This mascara never fails me!"
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"This is one touch-up powder that truly suits all. Literally, all! I've used this on the lightest to darkest complexions, and it never fails me. It's a foolproof product that helps set makeup, controls oil, and keeps you looking fresh, even after several applications! It doesn't clog pores or change your foundation or skin color, or become cracked or powdery. This superfine milled white wonder powder is a savior in my kit. It's a brilliant example of how a pro product can be as marvelous off set for all women walking their own daily catwalks."
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Hairstylist: Christian Marc
Clients: Olivia Munn, Alison Brie, Ellen Pompeo
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"First, the lavender smell of this is addictive, and the product itself is fantastic. It’s essentially a hair wax, but it’s very multipurpose. It’s particularly good for ethnic hair, to smooth frizz and weigh down a style, and it doesn’t make the hair greasy or hard. For other hair types, you can use it to create texture or to slick it back."

High-Grade Tique Vegetable Lavender Pomade, $9.99, available at Sleek Hair.
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"Dry shampoo is one of the best products ever created. It was originally created to clean your hair without having to wash it, but now we use it to style the hair and create volume as well."

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"Use this treatment after shampooing to condition the hair. It will make your hair very shiny and smooth, and also de-frizz. You can use it as a styling product, especially when straightening the hair."
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Hairstylist: Cervando Maldonado
Clients: Reese Witherspoon, Gia Coppola, Lily Aldridge
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"This classic formula is one of the best hairsprays out there and used by many professionals, especially on set. Originally from Europe, for years you could only get it at special beauty-supply stores or have your friends bring it back from Europe for you. Luckily, now you can get it at most drugstores. It holds the hair in place but is light enough to brush through and use all day. Apply to dry hair after styling for great hold, shine, and texture. You can also lightly spray your hair before curling it to add more hold and bounce. This is one of my favorites and never fails."
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"This product took the hair world by storm for many reasons: It has an incredible scent that people crave, and it works like no other texturing spray. It makes hair piece-y, with amazing body, but does not weigh the hair down. After styling hair, or on naturally dried hair, flip your head over and start spraying through the roots, then flip your hair over and spray through the top and ends for volume and a sexy, loose texture."
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"This is one of the first products ever that you can use on both curly and straight hair to truly get rid of frizz and give hair great shine. But remember, less is more! Use sparingly; this can get a little greasy if you use too much. Start with a dime-size amount, rub the serum in your hands, then apply to wet hair, starting at the ends and working it up to the roots. Blow dry the hair with a boar-bristle brush, going section by section. You can also use this product in dry hair."
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Hairstylist: Jamal Hamadi
Clients: Shailene Woodley, Linda Evangelista, Heather Graham

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"This product utilizes organic ingredients, like kelp and avocado, to nourish the hair without weighing it down. Most sprays don’t work on people with fine hair because they're too heavy. But this Shea Spray is super-light but completely efficient, delivering a boost of moisture and shine while controlling frizz. Simply spray it on wet or dry hair and brush through."
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"There is a difference among hairsprays, and this one really stands out. It offers medium hold, but doesn’t give that cobweb effect like some other hairsprays do. On smooth styles, it provides hold that still has movement and life. You can spray it on the hair wherever you need hold without worrying, because you can still brush your hair later. For a soft hold, I actually spritz this hairspray on while the hair is still damp. It never gets crunchy."
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"FHI ionic irons and dryers make a huge difference by protecting your hair. I absolutely cannot live without them. They're amazing because they are designed to work with infrared heat. Finally, science and beauty come together to deliver healthier hair. Basically, it works like this: The infrared heat (which is similar to the sun’s natural heat) radiates a long wavelength that gets into the hair cortex, mixing with the hair’s own natural energy. This means the hair is softer and also dries faster from the inside out."
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Hairstylist: Jenny Cho
Clients: Amanda Seyfried, Emilia Clarke, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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"Every woman, at some point, wants her hair to look like Gisele's: beautiful, sexy, beachy waves. This product was a game-changer for stylists and every woman because it instantly adds body, texture, and sexiness to the hair. It's a texture and wave builder that creates body even if your hair is limp or fine. Apply on either wet or dry hair and let the product soak in naturally."
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"This product came at a time during the late '80s/early '90s, and it revolutionized hair that was stiff and crunchy. Instead, it gives a softly controlled, undone, and lived-in texture with a low-shine finish. Very appropriate for the grunge era. It's good for women and men both, with any length hair. You can either let it dry naturally or hit it with a dryer to add body and to bring out more texture to the hair."
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"Color spray is a must-have on a shoot or on the red carpet. You can experiment with many ranges of shades without the full commitment. This product is great because it will diffuse grays and unwanted roots. It's a perfect must-have for my busy clients. Just spray right onto the roots."
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Hairstylist: Ashley Streicher
Clients: Emily Blunt, Taylor Schilling, Lily James

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"Unlike any other serum I’ve tried, this oil/serum hybrid has the ability to nourish your hair without making it oily. Literally anyone with thin or thick hair can use this to fight frizz, nourish dry hair, or add smoothness. It soaks into the hair rather than sitting outside of the hair shaft like most oils and serums do, leaving the hair greasy. Work a very small amount into ends of hair before and after a blow dry."

Bellevue Collection
Seven Diamond Serum, $32, available at Bellevue Collection.
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"This is the only product I've ever found that can actually change the direction of a cowlick. It's a matte styling paste great for men, and has unreal hold while still being movable. And it looks like you have nothing in your hair."
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This is basically an emergency, temporary hair-color touch-up that covers grays while still making hair look healthy and natural. Its super-chic design fits perfectly in a purse-size makeup pouch, and its sleek black tubing comes with an attached makeup brush that acts as the applicator. It comes in five colors and is all natural."
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Nail Artist: Jenna Hipp
Clients: Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Jennifer Lawrence
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"This botanical blend of rosemary and borage warms and stimulates skin and is perfect on cold mornings to invigorate and refresh. Splash directly on arms, legs, feet, and hands before exercising to release the benefits mid-workout. Use generously on limbs after a long day of sitting or standing for instant relief, or after a hot shower to help loosen tight muscles."
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"This product beautifully bronzes skin and adds a healthy glow without the harmful chemicals or UV rays. Also, it corrects, blends away, and camouflages tan lines perfectly (flip-flop lines, anyone?). Your hands are the best way to apply for a flawless finish, but don’t forget the little details: a foundation brush or Beauty Blender sponge will easily blend product in hard-to-reach places like ankle bones or behind the knees."
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"I believe the process of a manicure or pedicure should not only be healthy, but also be an enjoyable time to give back to your body. I can’t say enough about Hope Gillerman Essential Oils. For a quick fix, roll a small amount into palms and rub hands together to warm. Cover nose and mouth, taking 5 very slow, deep breaths to instantly feel your body transform and relax."
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Nail Artist: Karen Gutierrez
Clients: Selena Gomez, Eva Mendes, Lucy Hale
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"If you're a girl who's always on the run, you'll absolutely love OPI Drip Dry lacquer drying drops. They are pure magic and a must-have product in my kit. You won't ever have to worry about smudging your nails! Wait one minute after applying a fast-drying topcoat, then apply one to two drops at the base of the cuticle. These drops will dry polish to the touch in one minute and completely in five."
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"Every girl needs to have a cuticle nail oil in their nightstand. I use this product to condition my cuticles before and after a manicure and every night by massaging the oil firmly to the nail. Cuticle oil helps prevent those painful hangnails and brittle nails during the winter, and this pen is so easy and convenient to carry and reapply throughout the day."
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"I'm in love with crystal nail files. I always carry this one in my purse and in my kit. It does an amazing job of filing and smoothing out nails, and I especially love using this file to shape nails into an oval or almond shape. You have better control at shaping nails and how quickly you file them down by adjusting the amount of pressure used. It also helps remove hard, callused skin. Plus, a crystal nail file can be disinfected and sanitized for multiple uses!"
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Nail Artist: Michelle Saunders
Clients: Lady Gaga, Taylor Schilling, Kate Beckinsale
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"Did you know that you can use this product three ways? As a base coat, nail color, and filter top coat! It is the perfect sheer nude with a touch of peach that looks great on everyone."
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"Tweezerman is a one-stop shop for nail tools, from clippers to nippers. And they last a long time because they are made of stainless steel."
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"A striping brush is a must-have to create everything from stripes to dots and anything in between during this age of nail art."

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