The R29er’s Guide To Holiday Grinchiness (Plus, Facts & Figures!)

Hey, here is news to nobody: The holidays make us have complicated, overwhelming, and sometimes not-so-much-fun emotions. From feeling broke to over-indulging to worrying how we will be able to get it all done, 'tis the season for anxiety. Yet, despite all this overflow of emotion, we partake in the art of gifting, year after year. So much so, that a good majority of our readers classify themselves as a more skilled gift giver than receiver.
We quizzed our readers on all of Christmastime's complexities, including the aforementioned battle of givers and receivers. While we're sure everyone loves opening up a few goodies throughout the holidays, it turns out, a solid 77% of those quizzed prefer being the proud gift-givers of their family. The thing is...doesn't everyone want to be seen as a thoughtful little Santa Claus?
There also appears to be a major dichotomy between the types of gifts readers like to give and receive. Most people do appreciate giving and receiving any form of purchased item, a pretty expected response. However, one in three diligent Christmas elves would prefer giving handmade and personal gifts. Ironically, they're not too interested in receiving them in return. Awkward.
Then, there are those tricky gift cards. No one really wants to give gift cards or cash: The last-minute items have the tendency to appear impersonal and lazy. But, boy do we enjoy getting them! Sometimes all it takes is a really off-the-mark gift to make you appreciate all the wonderful possibilities that lie within a gift card.
Next up: What would the holidays be without a little discussion on spending? R29 readers were split pretty evenly on budgeting and spending. Those very organized buyers who allocate an even amount for others and themselves tend to spend the same each year. Great job! But, that is not an easy task, as evidenced by an almost equal amount of readers who end up spending more on themselves in the process of shopping for others. Ugh, it's just so tempting, right?
As for the most embarrassing Christmas faux pas, a resounding 48% declared not being able to remember everyone on one's list to be the greatest offense. Although, 24% have qualms with getting a little too much to drink at the company holiday party, too. We say: It happens.
While this surveying is pretty telling, and affirms some of our own holiday worries, the bottom line is that stress gets no one everyone. Regardless of budgeting, perceived faux pas, and the great gift-card debate, it's important to keep in mind what the holidays are really all about: food (duh).
Photos: Courtesy of Poshly