Hey, Stud: Vintage Studded Treasures From Ebay

Even though most of us (though certainly not all of us) weren't quite old enough to truly appreciate the glamtastic '80s during their heyday, we all look back in fondness to the studded styles of the Regan Era. With the resurgence of '80s (and even early '90s) style, it seems we've been rubbing up against these steely bumps more than ever before. For instance, we took a recent tour of eBay and left completely "Bedazzled."

Above, clockwise from left:
Punk, but pretty, we bring you a red nautically studded tube dress (hurry, summer is almost over.)
Ten bucks says Agyness Deyn already has a pair of these these blue, studded mini-boots.
Once you get past the frightening mannequin, this biker classic is to die for.
For those of you who plan on dating some punker, but know you can't lose your fashionista roots, these heels are just for you.
You knew we couldn't do studs and leave out a studded satchel purse.
Above, clockwise from left:
Very Kate Moss meets '90s glamazon supermodel, this dress has the best of studs and mesh.
Continuing in our Erin Wasson obsession, we present you with these utterly fantastic and beautifully bedazzled denim cutoffs.
If we've got you pining to do some serious bedazzling, you can purchase one online at www.mybezzler.com. Only $19.95 for hours of fun!
Everyone can appreciate these incredible purple studded Doc Martins in all their street-punk glory.
This five row (yes FIVE) round studded belt is pre-Sex and the City, making it even cooler&mash;five times cooler.

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