Hello Dolly! Karl's Tokidoki Toy Plus Four Designer Playthings To Pine For

Let's face it: Fashion can sometimes be serious stuff. Solemn runway shows, epochal analysis, and buy-or-die demands turn even the most whimsical design into a humorless creation. Luckily, a few major players in the fashion world noticed the lack of frivolity circulating and reached into their toy boxes to do something about it, including Tokidoki who just immortalized serial-sourpuss Karl Lagerfeld in figurine form. So, from the beastly stuffed animals at Rick Owens to Jason Wu's show-stopping dolls, here are some playthings you might want to collect to remind yourself of fashion's softer side. Now, turn that frown upside-down, Karl—you've been Tokidoki-fied!
Above, from left: TokiDoki's Karl Lagerfeld, $190, image from WWD; Jason Wu's Designer Dolls, image from DDCT Online.
Above: Heatherette Figurines, image from Scott C Marsh.
Above, from left: Alber Elbaz for Lanvin Figurines, image from The Fashion Spot; Rick Owens' Recycled Mink Monster, $850, image from the T Magazine.

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