5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 11 2011

Reason number 5,487 we love Helen Mirren—her high-larious turn on SNL Saturday night, where she played Eleanor Roosevelt as a lesbian and kissed a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Is there any role she can't nail? (Daily Mail UK)
Forget high school gyms and white limos. Proms in NYC cost almost as much as weddings, with students renting $9,000 double-decker Hummer buses and Hamptons mansions. We smell an MTV reality show here. (New York Post)
Finally, what we've been waiting for! A retired NYC computer consultant has set up a 24-hour UFO hotline. 3-1-1, you listening? (Gawker)
Lady Gaga's Noritaka Tatehana heel-less shoes have been knocked-off. Yep, if you want to pay $118 for the Magic Leopard Platform Heels you'll be 12 inches taller and probably 12 times more likely to break your bones. Lawsuit anyone? (Coco Perez)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all want In-N-Out burger to get here already. Or do we? Our very own Five Guys has expanded out west, and apparently it's better than In-N-Out. (Gothamist)