Heidi Klum On Why She’s Never Been To A Spa (In 60 Seconds)

Heidi Klum constantly has us asking one burning question: Just how does one woman manage to have her hands in umpteen pots, and still look so damn striking while doing it all? (Not to mention finding the time to plan that crazy Halloween costume every year!?) Well, here's one more venture to add to her ever-growing list of projects — the L.A. mom of four (her family's lived here for six years now) is now giving great face for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy, and had the chance to sit down and answer our age-old query!
So, tell us what your favorite thing is about this new product? "I tried it and I really liked it. I liked how my hair felt, and I was sold! It really has a new and different approach than all the other shampoos and conditioners. It feeds the hair by treating the scalp in a straightforward method. I don’t think that any other product does that. That’s what intrigued me and got me involved. I definitely wanted to be a part of that."
We know you're naturally very blessed, but what’s your sneakiest beauty trick? "I don’t really have any sneaky ones. I’ve been telling people about blotting paper because that’s something I love. Instead of staying dry by reapplying powder over powder and powder, you take the oil off. I think that’s a great trick that people forget about. I love the Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets and Victoria’s Secret does a simple one. I don’t think you necessarily need to spend a crazy amount of money when it's basically just rice paper."

Okay, you always look so put together. Have you ever had a beauty disaster that you'd care to share?
"Probably over-bleaching — like when the person who was bleaching my hair didn’t pay attention or take enough time. She used too much peroxide and left it on too long. My hair broke, so I had a little pineapple on top of my hair for the longest time that was really difficult to get rid of. Basically, my hair really broke off, and I had two inches of hair in some places! That was hard because you have to constantly pat it and spray it down."


Who are your favorite L.A. beauty maestros?
"I would have to say the only one is Anastasia. I’ve known her since she started like 100 years ago. She was the person who made me grow my eyebrows back. When I first met her she told me, 'I cannot do anything. You have to grow, and then you can come back.' I think she gave me great shape again. When I started modeling, I was totally over-tweezed. I just had these thin little eyebrows. So, every once in awhile I go see her, and then I try to maintain the shape she gives me. I think she’s great!"

Are there any spas that you love in SoCal?
"I’ve never been to a spa."

How interesting! We'd think you'd be all over a relaxing getaway considering how much you do...
"I’ve had a few massages at my house, but I’m not really a spa person. I like getting my nails done, but I always have someone come to my house. I don’t like to go to those places where you put your hands and feet in a sink. I’m funny about that because I think you can catch so many things. Ha! Is it terrible that I feel that way? I feel guilty, too. I can’t tell my kids, 'Mommy’s going to the spa for the day. See you guys later.'"

Since you don't go the luxe-spa route, do you have any beauty indulgences?
"If I can sleep two hours longer than 6 a.m., that’s a beauty indulgence! Usually I get up at 6 a.m., so if I can sleep until 8 a.m., I feel amazing. And again, I feel a little guilty when I do."

As a working mom, what are your go-to products when you’re making a mad dash out the door? "I just get dressed and sometimes I’ll put on a light foundation. I don't really 'dress-up' when I go anywhere. Maybe a little bit of eyebrow filler and mascara. But when the sun is on my skin, I want it to go directly on my skin, and not through all these layers of junk."
We loved your au naturale beauty look at the Met gala — is this your overall M.O. these days? "Oh thank you! It was because of the highly designed dress and I had a lot of jewels. We make those decisions on the spot, and Linda and Michelle, whom I’ve been working with for many years, help me, too. It all depends on the dress. If it’s pretty simple, then I do a lot of eye makeup. Sometimes I even do a '60s eye, where I put on a lot of false eyelashes. But I think if you have a neck full of jewelry and a lot hair and makeup, that’s just too much."

Photo: Courtesy of Weber Shandwick

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