Heated Lash Curlers: Gimmick or Must-Have?

Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re among the terrified few who shy away from the metal loops of lash curlers, certain we’ll rip out all our eyelashes or crimp our eyelids. Still, we know there has to be something to the appliance — why else would generations upon generations of beauty experts allow a tiny, metal guillotine so close to their eyes?
For the less-than-graceful, though, we’ve got a solution: heated lash curlers. As it turns out, these little gadgets are totally safe and easy. And, they really lock the curl in. You can get closer to the root without fear of lid-pinching, and they’re fine to use over dry mascara for an eye-opening, midday refresh.
Click through for our rundown of the best heated lash curlers for various lash types.

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