Frock the Vote! Political Statements in Style at Fashion Week

politicalstatements_obedient1Obedient Sons and Daughters
You'd have to be under a pretty big rock to not notice the shit-storm of political discourse in the news these days. Naturally, there was some spillover onto the runways as several designers and show-goers were politically loud and proud in more ways than one. Model Iekeliene Stange, wore "No Fur" button at Karen Walker's presentation while Charlotte Ronson also sported one at her fur-free show. The message came too late for some, however, as animal rights protesters assailed the DKNY runway. Elsewhere, designers soft peddled their politics. Unconditional tried to start a revolution from their Chelsea Maritime bed John and Yoko-style with cheeky shirts reading, "Hair Peace," and "Bed Peace". Get it? Good.
politicalstatements2Left to right: Rachel Roy, Erin Wasson x RVCA
Over in the West Village, Obedient Sons and Daughters threw a little bit of rabble-rousing spirit into an otherwise tempered collection thanks to two suits embroidered with '60s slogan graffiti declaring, "Tune In, Turn On," and "Keep Dreaming." Similarly, Rachel Roy scrawled the famous Gandhi quote, "Be the change in the world you want to be," on a dress for her latest collection and the Erin Wasson x RVCA show featured jeans that said "Legalize" on the butt (legalize what, we're still wondering). Showing his stripes without bashing us over the head, Alexandre Herchovitch threw several Ottoman-Empire-themed military dress uniforms in his collection titled, "Army of Peace". As the week goes on, we'll be watching for more political statements, but the designers above have already cast their votes.

politicalstatements_bedin Unconditional presentation
nofur_politicalstatements Left to Right: Iekeliene Stange at Karen Walker, Cory Kennedy and Charlotte Ronson at Charlotte Ronson's show

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