If Your Hair Scarves Keep Slipping Off, This Is Your Easy Solution

All the ladies out there with big domes (and there are definitely a lot of you out there) — we have a particular set of challenges that makes hats, headbands, and hair scarves more trouble than they're worth. Tying up your dirty hair isn't ever as simple as it looks (sorry, guys). And, especially if your hair is slippery and your head isn't headband-shaped, the only solution you may feel you have is to rig up a complicated bobby-pin matrix to keep everything in place…which sort of defeats the purpose of a carefree hair scarf, doesn't it? The answer lies in layering your headbands: Use a wide, plastic headband that stays put, or an elastic one with a gummy gripped lining. Either will provide the base for you to tuck in the edges of your hair scarf after you tie it on, and then you can pretty much forget about it until you remove it at the end of the night.

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