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The Best Way To Hide Dirty Hair Is Actually Pretty Cute, Too

Refinery29 shows you how to tie on the perfect headband using a scarf. Just make sure you give it a twist to help it stay in place.

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When you're ensconced in layers of bedding and your dream just started to get good, it can be hard to trade 30 extra minutes of sleep for a shower. Sometimes, beauty rest beats out your beauty routine, and for those days when you know you're going to be battling days-old hair, you've got to find a good trick to hide your stayed-in-bedhead. Our go-to? The tried-and-true scarf headband. Women all over the world have been wearing hair scarves for reasons more meaningful than to hide greasy roots, but in case you're new to this, tying a scarf into a headband shape is super-easy to do. (Like, no-mirror-required easy.) There's just one simple trick that keeps it from sliding off your head. Once you know to go from back to front, and to make sure there's a twist, even your slinkiest scarf will stay put all day. Learn now, lather later: Here's how you tie the most simple, perfect headband.
How To Tie A Hair Scarf - Headband Styling TrickReleased on March 25, 2015

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