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How To Tie Your Shoes If Your Laces Are Way Too Short

Did your shoes come with laces that are way too short to be tied? Here's how to get around too short laces.

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It's one of those things that drives a person to question whether life is actually just a swimming pool of chaos. You buy a new pair of (really, really cute) shoes, start lacing up the laces, and realize that by the end, you've only got an inch on either side to work with. Yes — the laces that came with your shoes, the ones the manufacturers of said shoes chose to go with them, and the only laces that will look good with your new kicks...are too short. Rather than pondering the irrationality of the universe, take a look at video above to see how you can quickly gain a few more valuable inches so you can tie a real knot. The laces might not look the same as if you were to criss-cross them, but they're not too weird-looking, either. And, more importantly, it's secure, operational, and you'll still be able to easily tie and untie them (and you know the quicker way to tie your shoelaces, right?).   
How To Tie Shoes With Too Short LacesReleased on May 6, 2015

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