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Head of the Class: Back to School Ebay Picks

As summer comes to a close and everything below 14th street is infiltrated by confused students toting around pop-up New York City maps and attempting to ditch their Midwest roots, we've compiled a "back to school" themed throwback to the good ole days of slide-rules and Trapper Keepers. So rummage through your closet to find your favorite scrunchies and sticker books—school is in session!
Above, clockwise from upper left:
This tiny tin robot sharpener may not be able to bust down walls, but he sure bring your pencil to a point.
A classic must-have, this black leather Coach planner would keep us on track as we jet between first period Math and margaritas on the quad.
For hours of mathematical fun, pick up this snazzy retro calculator. After all, you forgot how to multiply as soon as they handed you that High School diploma.
With this set of compasses handy, you'll have a shot at growing up to be the next Zaha Hadid.
The ultimate in practicality, this vintage brown-leather Coach tote is a steal.
Above, clockwise from upper left:
Woof! Woof! Stay sharp with this red Bakelite Scottie dog pencil sharpener.
This nifty vintage suede-and-leather backpack can hold your lunch, crayon set, and make-up kit with ease and élan.
Meet the Little Professor calculator. He's going to help you sort out all those nasty equations.
NYU class of 2012 take note: This vintage Gucci messenger bag is New York.