5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 02 2012

Haute Hippie just set up its first Manhattan shop at Elizabeth & Bowery. Nolita's luxe-bohemia vibe just went up 50 points. (NY Racked)
One brave beer purveyor is going to tell crazed-sports fans what they can and cannot drink, on this most holy of weekends: the Super Bowl. We wish him safety. (CBS News)
Holy smokes! The NYPD just found a 5 story walk-up (or, uh, grow-up) used exclusively for the cultivation of marijuana. (Globe and Mail)
Need a steam but tired of the musty-smell of the gym? Do as the emperors do. Ancient Baths New York is opening at 86-88 Franklin St. this month. (NYPost)
Nude David Beckham billboards, one of the few things getting New Yorker's through their commute through Times Square, are to be a thing of the past. Collective "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" (Telegraph)