Ghost Tour Guides Share Their Spookiest Real-Life Experiences

photographed by Alexandra Gavillet; modeled by Leal Zielinska; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez.
It's one thing to seek out ghost stories around Halloween or to watch the occasional scary movie, but it's a totally different situation if you make the paranormal part of your work. We'd bet that spending every day immersed in ghost tourism could make even the biggest believer lose their sense of wonder in the other-worldly.
Luckily, it appears as if tour guides working in the haunted industry are not nearly as jaded as our suspicions led us to believe — and for a good reason. According to Skippy Spiral, Nicodemus, and Jackie W., three tour guides for Ghost City Tours in Savannah, Georgia, their days are still filled with encounters with the other side.
Like any other job, some nights are more "active" than others. And, Spiral explains, it can be tricky to know what to do when he notices a ghostly presence during a tour. "It’s frustrating, because I know what I’m experiencing, but I think guests would dismiss it as part of the tour, like I was acting or pretending or something, and they wouldn’t believe me," he says.
Jackie adds that she usually won't point out paranormal activity either — sometimes, guests pick up on it on their own. On Nicodemus' tours, he'll acknowledge a presence if it's proving to be especially disruptive.
Across the board, they agree that ghosts like to hang around the tour route, which is actually mutually beneficial — guests sign up for a ghost tour to see ghosts and the spirits that appear "enjoy the presence of those of us who exist on this side," as Nicodemus puts it. Worst case scenario, Spiral says, you might not leave the tour alone. "I think I’ve had spirits follow me home after tours," he says. "Occupational hazard, I suppose."
Continue reading to learn more about the specific sightings these guides have had while at work — you just might become a believer yourself.

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