9 People Share Their Hometown’s Most Bone-Chilling Ghost Story

Photographed by Ali Gavillet.
From the Stanley Hotel to the Amityville House, the U.S. has plenty of iconic, haunted landmarks for budding paranormal investigators to visit. But, you likely have a supernatural site tucked away in your own backyard, too — you just have to listen to the local legends.
Every town and neighborhood has that eerie house, defunct warehouse, or plain old scary cemetery that people avoid when night falls — and, if they must pass by, hold their breath until it's far behind them. These are the sites that serve as inspiration for generations of spooky stories.
We asked Refinery29 readers to share their hometown's scariest story and they did not disappoint. Between apparitions, disappearances, and disembodied sounds, these tales prove that no town is without its share of eerie history.
Of course, for all the chills and thrills they bring, these creepy stories aren't without a tinge of sadness. A mother loses her daughter. A young woman dies by suicide. The state takes advantage of people with mental illnesses. We may only have rumors and memories to go on now, but there are often real people behind the legends (sometimes, that's what makes them so frightening).
Ahead, read eight local legends from around the U.S. and Canada. And then share your own hometown's haunted history in the comments.