There’s A Giant Math Puzzle Downtown, Any Hot Nerds Wanna Help?

As we progressed through school, many of us questioned the usefulness of what was being taught, especially in our dreaded subject—math. And while it's nice to look back now and know that all those history tests we crammed for are good for debunking "facts" provided by potential presidential candidates, we've still been hard pressed to find a place in our lives (and hearts) for math. Well, a Giant Chalkboard has showed up at Broome and Crosby that tests your knowledge of square roots, exponents, summations, integrals, and many other things you may or may not remember from Mrs. Johnson's class. But don't be too scared—the idea behind the Giant Chalkboard is noble and rather revolutionary. Touting the idea that "the more we talk together, the more we solve together," the Giant Chalkboard calls for "solutionists" to unite and solve the puzzle collectively. And, like all good things, Giant Chalkboard has its own website and Twitter so you can keep tabs on the latest problem. Now, dust off that calculator and use it for something other than making naughty words out of upside down numbers. (Psfk)