Happy Meal Project 2.0: This Is What Chicken McNuggets Are Made Of

While health advocates, foodies, and members of the public have known for a while what was inside the venerable Chicken McNugget, we have not until we peeped this Gizmodo article. So, please bear with us if you're already well acquainted with this information, and if you're not, well, we hope you have a barf-bag handy. In laymen's terms, what you're seeing is a mechanically separated chicken, which is what all fast-food poulet is made from. The entire chicken is pressed through a sieve (bones, guts, etc), and the end result is the pink, goop-like substance (sorry Gwyneth for tainting your word) you see above. Plus, because our feathered friends are covered in bacteria, they'll be soaked in ammonia before being reflavored artificially, then dyed with artificial color. We're sure there's a much more scientific way of making sense of this all, but we actually have no interest in learning more. Next time you're at Mickey Ds, we suggest ordering, well, nothing. Haven't you seen the Happy Meal project?
*Thanks again Sally Davies for leading us on the trail of finding food we will never, ever eat again.