The Creepy McDonald's Clown Is Back, But Happy Meals Could Be Banned

In a move that's already giving us nightmares, McDonald's is bringing back Ronald McDonald, the chillingly evil clown that made us relive It every time we went on a burger-and-fries field-trip with Grandpa. According to Grub Street, the national fast-food chain debuted a new campaign in which children can digitally pose with him—yay! Or not so yay: New York City Council Deputy Majority Leader Leroy Comrie plans to introduce a bill today that would ban toy giveaways in fast-food restaurant meals for kids if the serving has more than 500 calories, effectively destroying the "Happy Meal" as we know it. A similar law passed in San Francisco later last year, set to be enforced December 1, but obviously the Golden Arches is opposed to any legislation and argues that free toys do not contribute to childhood obesity. Mason Smoot, vice president and general manager for McDonald's New York region released a statement yesterday: "On average, kids eat at McDonald's about three times a month; that means about 87 other meals are eaten at home, school or elsewhere. That adds up to a discussion larger than toys." Besides upping your Lunesta dose due to the return of the striped harlequin, what do you think of the Happy Meal fiasco? Should toys be banned, or is the onus on the parents? You know our opinion of Happy Meals in general.
Image via Babble.

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