Why This Illustrator Never Erases Her "Mistakes"

appearance by Hannah Minn.
In this year's 29Rooms art show in Brooklyn, we debuted our first"Artist in Residence" exhibit where we brought in 6 artists to practice in the space, in hopes of encouraging patrons to create art of their own. In this video, see how R29 illustrator Hannah Minn lead visitors to draw a model in her exhibit "Embrace Your Mistakes."
22-year-old Hannah Minn knew she was an illustrator when she realized she'd rather remember an image by drawing it than writing it down or taking a picture. And in the process of drawing, she prefers to remember — and keep — her mistakes. "The philosophy of embracing whatever happens and continuing to go on, it's shaped how I live my life," she says.
The result: A fast and furious approach that creates impressionistic, graphic visuals. "I have to be a lot more aggressive," she says. "Drawing from life in the moment has a spontaneous aspect, and you're never going to see that image again."
In her 29Rooms exhibit, patrons practiced a similar discipline with only 15 minutes to draw what they saw in a model. "I wanted them to embrace their spontaneity," she says. "Nobody's going to get a perfect portrait on their first try. Drawings shouldn't be perfect."
Watch the video above to see this 22-year-old artist's work with her residency, "Embrace Your Mistakes."

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