These Makeup-Only Halloween Costumes Will Transform Your Whole Squad

Photographed by Christine Hahn.
So you and your girl gang are still finalizing a group Halloween costume? At this point you've probably been trolling Pinterest for DIY favorites like rainbow loofahs, the Spice Girls, Starbucks cups, and the cast of Mean Girls and Clueless. That is, until one of you broke the silence with, "Uhhh...that looks like a lot of work, guys."
Luckily, the answer to the classic costume qualm is actually pretty simple — just open up your favorite app. You love your friends, you love Snapchat, you love Snapchatting with your friends, so why not bring it all together this Halloween and dress up as your go-to selfie filter? Sure, you've seen it before, but it's damn easy and you can all do it without spending a cent — now stop fighting it and grab your makeup bag.
Ahead, we've rounded up the nine best Snapchat filter costumes that you and your friends can pull off with just makeup. #NoFilterNeeded.

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