31 Gorgeous Hairstyles To Try In August

Unless you're a true morning person who relishes in rising early to take on the day, chances are you're well-versed in the mental game we call 'getting ready roulette'. Each tap of your snooze button is an acknowledgement of risk vs. reward: How far can you go and still make it out the door on time? One tap means you're rushed, two equates to skipping breakfast, and three normally resolves us to a baseball cap or ponytail and whatever makeup look we can throw together on the train.
While there's no denying the importance of sleep — I, for one, am a snoozer — falling into a rut is just as bad as forced early mornings. Luckily, thanks to Instagram's "save" section, it's easy to aggregate the inspiration you need to craft new looks after one, or three, snoozes. We're in the same boat, so we're sharing the photos we've archived in the past month to get you started. Hopefully, these easy looks will have you feeling your best, no matter the hour.
Ahead, check out 31 looks to try this August.

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