This Mask Delivers A Full Bottle Of Serum To Your Mug

One problem with our beauty products? They can be such liars sometimes. With all of the lofty claims made, it's so easy to just roll your eyes. That was my first reaction when I first tested out Hada Labo Tokyo's Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask.
Now, I've been a fan of Hada Labo Tokyo for a while. But, at first glance at the mask's box, I was skeptical. Its claim? It "drenches skin with a bottle of serum." That's right — tucked away in this sheet mask is apparently enough serum to fill a 0.7oz bottle of serum.
So, I dove in with one eyebrow firmly raised. The mask, which utilizes hyaluronic acid to achieve ultra hydration, is a typical sheet mask. It's got tiny openings along the sides, so that you can adjust it around your facial contours. While it was super easy to unravel, this thing was seriously saturated with product. I was beginning to believe that whole bottle of serum claim...
The process is simple enough: Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, peel it off, but don't rinse it off. The excess serum should be patted into your face, so it can totally absorb. This is a fantastic extra step, in my opinion. Too many times, I put my mask on, only to wash it off and feel like I'm losing a bit of the ingredients' effectiveness. Now, the initial feeling of your skin is seriously slick, but after a few minutes it absorbs, leaving your face supple and smooth.
While I can't speak to the full bottle of serum (I thought about squeezing it out into a jar and measuring, but, you know, #effort), there is no denying that this mask works. Not only did my skin feel extra smooth immediately after removing the mask, but it felt smooth for days after. It left my face hydrated and glowing. My makeup started wearing better, and the more I used the mask, the better my skin got.
While dry skin types may get the most from this mask, any skin type could really benefit from it, especially in the cooler months. And, since you don't rinse the product off, this is a great mask to use on the go. So, rest easy. This is one lofty claim that actually holds water.
Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask, $14.99, available at Ulta.

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