5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 14 2011

Shopping a sample sale is survival of the fittest at its best. Check out the incredible reflexes of these aggressive shoppers, who are just dying to get their hands on mongolian furs at DVF. (Racked)
It's time to get your game face on — i.e. your badass Lisbeth Salander face, that is. The H&M and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo pop-up is opening tomorrow, and you can be sure it's going to be one hell of a madhouse. (The Cut)
These posh downtown pads are being billed as "(somewhat) less" expensive, but you still need to be (somewhat) rich to afford them. (New York Mag)
Iggy Pop may be a punk legend, but he doesn't look so tough vacuuming his own apartment. Then again, nobody looks tough while vacuuming (and, uh, who would want to?). (Gothamist)
Any illumination experts in the audience? Yes? Great, you can come help out make Lower Manhattan look a little brighter. (Animal New York)

Photo: Via New York Mag