Guilt-Free Gourmet: We’re Revealing M Café’s Secret New Menu Addition

Surely, you’ve heard of the secret menu at In-N-Out (animal style fries, anyone?) but even the most in-the-know SoCal foodie may not have heard of this: M Café’s secret Chili Cheese Fries. This macrobiotic eatery—with two locations in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills—is the yummiest lunch spot in L.A. and you can’t head there midday and not see stars like Sarah Silverman, Natalie Portman, or Drew Barrymore noshing on some of the best bites in town. And while even the most diehard carnivore may be weary of this healthy L.A. destination, we’ve seen many a burger-lover become a veggie convert thanks to their Big Macro burger accompanied by their legendarily fries. Well, now they’re blowing the cover off their off-the-menu specialty and letting everyone in on the scrumptious secret—vegetarian chili to add onto your fries and burgers. Featuring Daiya Cheese, Chili beans, and fresh parsley, just add this onto your fave fries or ask for a “loaded” burger with some Tempeh Bacon and avocado, and we swear you’ll be feeling 100% gourmet—without an ounce of guilt!
M Café Melrose, 7119 Melrose Avenue (at La Brea Avenue); 323-525-0588.

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