The Best Plants For Not-So-Plant-Friendly Apartments & — Let's Face It — People

Photographed by Anna Alexia Basile.
As one recent Sweet Digs resident said, "Plant ladies are the new cat ladies." And judging from the range of green thumbs we're seeing all over Instagram, we have to agree.
But not all of us live in pleasant, airy, sunny spaces made to cultivate oxygen-creating life. In fact, the majority of city real estate (unless you have cash to spend) consists of dark corners, humid rooms, and that one radiator that always dries out your skin and those $2 Whole Foods herb pots.
So ahead, we talk to the folks at plant-to-door delivery service Bloomscape, as well as the pros at Sprout Home, to find the best plants for all your not-so-plant-friendly corners. From windowless rooms to non-ventilated kitchens to that dry spot right above your radiator, these foolproof plants should be able to survive even the dreariest of rooms.

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