Refinery29's Very Own Party Planner Recalls Her Biggest Bash Ever

Guia Golden, Refinery29's Resident Party Girl (a.k.a. Event Marketing Director)
If you've ever spent any time with us or hit one of our many, many events, you know this — Refinery29 likes to party. And when we have a Fashion Week bash to plan, a meetup at one of our local Mix Masters cocktail hours to organize, or a pop-up store to launch, we call on one woman — Ms. Guia Golden. A vet in the event-marketing biz, Golden got her feet wet working for PR bigwig Makovsky, spent years over at IMG managing sponsors for its various Fashion Weeks, and landed a gig planning massive, multiring events for Diesel. But now, we've gotten our little claws into her. Here, she talks wrangling uncooperative celebs, her favorite hangover rehabs, and the night she ran a circus. Read on.
Now, part of your job is getting the right people to attend whatever event you're coordinating. How do you corral those sometimes-famous, often-flighty personalities?
“Well, if you know you’re dealing with ‘flighty’ personalities that are prone to no-shows or being extremely late, I usually send a car — that way you can at least track their movements. Once they arrive, you have to have a plan for them — where they are going to sit, etc. — and always have someone on hand to babysit…I mean, host them.”
To some, your job might seem like a nonstop party. What would you say to them?
“Unlike some event planners, who work freelance or at an event-planning agency, my job entails logging in some serious office hours working on overall marketing and branding initiatives at Refinery29. So, my job is for sure not a party all the time. Still, I really do enjoy all the planning, and the process that goes into these events.”
We know for a fact that you have some very late nights with some very tough early mornings. How do you get on top of a workday after a long work night?
“The Rehab shot and a Ginger Fireball juice from Juice Press. Drinking both at the same time may seem a little redundant — but it sure helps! It definitely gives me a boost of energy in the morning and keeps my immune system strong.”
What’s the most epic party you’ve ever been involved with?
“The Diesel 30th-anniversary party was out of this world. Diesel hosted 17 events in 24 hours with the first kicking off in Tokyo and all of it ending right here in NYC. I was charged with the strategy, planning, and execution of the event in New York. We actually built a circus on a pier in Brooklyn! It was definitely over the top, in a good way. We had circus acts and performances by Chaka Khan, M.I.A., Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip, and T.I., just to name a few. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but these types of events don't come around every week. Not only was that event epic, but everything ran so smoothly. I still hear people talk about what a blast it was!”
Finally, as a late-night pro, what’s your secret for good hair all evening?
“I don't have one. I just go with whatever my hair is doing that day. Thank goodness for dim lighting!”
Styled by Lauren Edelstein; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill.
Surface to Air jumpsuit; Erica Weiner necklace; Reece Hudson Bondage Minaudière, $1,295, available at Reece Hudson; Fallon Classique Pyramid Stud Cuff, $175, available at Fallon; Pamela Love Small Pendulum Pendant, $450, available at Pamela Love; A Peace Treaty Bangle Set, $390, available at A Peace Treaty; Anndra Neen Alpaca Spine Ring, $175, available at Paire; Alexis Bittar Pave Accented Gunmetal Crowned Turquoise Ring, $245, available at Alexis Bittar, 212-625-8340.
Photographed at Edi & The Wolf, 102 Avenue C; 212-598-1040.

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