3 It Girls Reveal Their Style Secrets

Everyone takes notice when she enters a room. You know the type: remarkable sartorial decision-making skills, an enviable no-effs-given attitude, and an uncanny knack for turning up at the coolest new places before they actually become cool. It's the trifecta that only a DL It Girl (the low-key, more elusive version of the seen-everywhere trendsetter) could possess, but we know there's much more at play here than confidence and connections. Be it a sprinkle of stardust in their DNA or some other alluring quirk, we're determined to uncover what makes these head-turning gals just that.

To cut through the mystery, we looked to a fresh crop of creative cool girls on our radar: model-turned-painter Tali Lennox, art-world darling Pari Ehsan, and rock-'n'-roll songstress Natalie Bergman. We gleaned the secrets to their eclectic personal styles, from the fashion rules they always break to the unexpected ways their work informs their aesthetic. To keep their intrigue intact, the trio donned Gucci's pre-fall eyewear collection, which is every bit as whimsical and mysterious as they are. Read on for an inside peek into their style psyche.

Pari Ehsan | @paridust

Architect-cum-blogger Pari Ehsan is a true chameleon. Her meteoric and concurrent rise in both the fashion and art worlds is largely due to her style-morphing abilities. Through her blog, she shares outfits inspired by and photographed against art backdrops that are on display in museums and galleries around the world. Keep reading to see how Ehsan carved out a new space for herself in both arenas while keeping the two fluid and interwoven.
Photo: Courtesy of Pari Ehsan.
Gucci sunglasses, shirt, jacket, and skirt.
The one fashion rule I always break is... "'Unacceptable' color combinations."

I would never compromise on... "Dulling my personal style in any situation."

My closet is filled with...

An unlikely accessory I love is... "A sculptural shoe or eccentric headpiece."

To keep from looking like anyone else I...
"Match the art."

Two words that define my style are...
"Weird, experimental."

Being eclectic means...
"Fearless juxtaposition of styles."

To switch up my style persona, I wear...
"Sunglasses. Like bangs, they can transform your face and create a layer of mystery and an aura around you. Intrigue is always preferable."

A piece of art or music that embodies my personal style best is...
"'STYLIST' by 24hrs."

An unexpected source of style inspiration is...
"My boyfriend."

To maintain a low-key profile I...
"Live in Chinatown."

When no one else is around, my approach to style becomes...
"A bit off and random. A few of my favorite things are glow-in-the-dark."

My style mantra is...
"Be a full alien."

Tali Lennox | @talilennox

If Tali Lennox looks familiar, you can credit her years spent modeling in the U.K. Once the London-native came stateside, she traded in photo shoots and runways for a more hands-on gig: painting. Her oil portraits have already earned her industry cred as well as a solo showing at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in New York last year. Ahead, learn how Lennox reconciles her deep love of vintage with the constant threat of rogue paint splatters in her studio.
Photo: Courtesy of Tali Lennox.
Gucci hat, sunglasses, dress, gloves, tights, and shoes.

The one fashion rule I always break is... "Mix-matching socks."

Being eclectic means...
"Utilizing all of your inspirations."

My work influences my style by...
"Allowing me to not [care] about how I look, which is a refreshing and empowering feeling. However, I do notice that the color palette I’m using in my work will unconsciously leak into my clothing choices — recently, a lot of black and muted tones."

My daily uniform looks like...
"Old vintage T-shirts, sweaters, long socks, and boxer shorts. I wear comfortable, loose clothing that can get stained."

I'm currently inspired by...
"My friend, artist Jake Lamagno. He makes incredible sculptures using a mix of materials such as crystal, gold, bone, and found aged objects. Also, elderly women with old-school style."

My closet is filled with...
"Vintage clothes in all materials and prints. There's something magical about dressing up in clothing from multiple decades, a little piece of time travel."

My process for crafting an outfit starts with...
"My mood."

The trick to ensuring my outfit feels original is...
"One-of-a-kind pieces."

An unlikely accessory I love is...
"Sunglasses that have an unusual tint, say a yellow or a pink, that alter the colors of my surroundings. It's like being in a rose-tinted or orange-hued world."

To switch up my style persona I wear...

To keep a low profile I...
"Don't search for attention or take social media too seriously."

My style mantra is...
"Dress for yourself first, and remember that what's most important is how you feel on the inside, not how you appear on the outside."

Natalie Bergman | @wild_belle

Wild Belle songstress Natalie Bergman is an untamed rocker. Her bohemian yet edgy style and fiery stage presence make her a favorite among the festival circuit, as well as for guest appearances at insider-y fashion events. See what Bergman has to say about her fierce tour style ahead.
Photo: Courtesy of Natalie Bergman.
Gucci sunglasses, jacket, and pants.
Being eclectic means... "Being radical. Being bold. Breaking rules."

I want others to interpret my style as... "Fearless."

My work and my personal style are intertwined because... "One cannot be without the other. The combination of my music and my style is what defines me as an artist. Rock 'n' roll is a mentality, a lifestyle. We invent it as we go along."

For the road I always pack...
"Leather pants. I have at least three pairs with me. I bring armor, chain, camouflage, leather, mesh — you should always be ready to conquer."

One part of my personal style I'd never compromise on is... "My hair. It has a mind of its own, and it's always been loyal to me."

The trick to making an outfit totally my own is... "Confidence. I could be wearing the exact same thing as Nancy or Rachel, but I'd still own it."

An unlikely source of style inspiration for me is... "Cars and guitars. I'm highly excited by 1970s Harleys, Ford pickups, Jamaican scooters, monster trucks…anything that goes fast and looks radical. When it comes to guitars, I prefer Fender...specifically my 1972 Fender Mustang, but I still love buying any rickety straggler with style and sound when we pass through a small town."

My style mantra is...
"Always rebel."

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