The L.E.S.’s Newest Little Muenster Is A Fancy Grilled-Cheese Specialist

The Lower East Side's latest comestible addition has us slapping our foreheads and once again asking, "Why didn't we think of that?" The restaurant, which just opened on the first of the month, serves up one mean grilled-cheese, seasonal homemade sodas, and desserts to boot. Sure, there have been gourmet grilled-cheese spots in the past, but the name? C'mon! That's a grand-slam, right there. Not to mention the refined culinary options found in the to-die-for cheese selections and add-ons like candied ginger, anchovy, leek confit, and bone-marrow butter. Add a side of soup for only $1, and BOOM, you've got yourself one unbeatable lunch. You're welcome for the suggestion, and sorry in advance for getting you hooked.
Little Muenster 100 Stanton Street (between Orchard and Ludlow streets); 212-203-7197.

Photos: Courtesy of Little Muenster