This Grey's Anatomy Character Is Coming Back To Shake Things Up At The Hospital

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How would you feel if the ex whom you have a very complicated history with just showed up at your job? If it's too painful to think about, don't. Instead, just cringe for Grey's Anatomy character Alex (Justin Chambers), because according to E! Online, Sarah Utterback's Nurse Olivia Harper is heading to the hospital.
Hmm... wonder how Alex's fiancée Jo (Camilla Luddington) will feel about that?
Per the new report, Utterback, whose Nurse Olivia recurred on the first six seasons of Grey's Anatomy, will return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital under mysterious circumstances. According to new photos from the upcoming episode — which will air on April 26 — she will work closely with Jo, who did not join the series until season 9.
Despite never having met, Jo and Olivia already have something in common — or, rather, someone in common. Alex had a casual affair with Olivia, something that was a thing even into Alex's relationship with the long-gone Izzie (Katherine Heigl). Olivia also was the person who inadvertently gave the since-deceased George (T.R. Knight) a sexually transmitted disease that Alex had unintentionally passed along to her. So, yeah: Alex may need to explain some stuff to Jo.
Given how invested fans are in Jo and Alex's relationship — which itself just overcame a big hurdle after Jo's abusive husband, Paul (Matthew Morrison) died following a head injury — Olivia's arrival could spell trouble. While, yes, it's certainly possible that this nurse just needs some medical attention, E! notes that Olivia will arrive to the hospital with her son... and Grey's Anatomy never turns away from potential interpersonal drama. Is it possible that Alex has a secret kid out there, or have I been watching too many medical soaps?
We have until April 26 to theorize about what Nurse Olivia's return could mean for Grey's Anatomy — let's hope, whatever happens, it brings that quintessential Shondaland drama with it.

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