Jo & Alex Are "Ride Or Die" After The Latest Grey's Anatomy Cliffhanger

Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright.
Warning: major spoilers for the Grey's Anatomy midseason premiere ahead!
After tuning into the season 14 midseason premiere of Grey's Anatomy, viewers were left with a classic whodunit plot twist.
Did they do it? viewers asked. At the start of the episode Jo (Camilla Luddington) was forced to face her abusive estranged husband, Paul (Matthew Morrison), head on. The man popped up at Grey Sloan, with his new fiancée (Bethany Joy Lenz) on his arm, divorce papers in tow, ready for his final signee to free him from his old life.
Things quickly took a turn for the worst during Paul’s visit. He then threatened Jo, indicating he’d still be keeping her under his surveillance, despite his new marriage. However, at the end of the episode Paul appeared back in the hospital (in traction), after being involved in a hit and run attack. Jo did tell Alex she wished Paul were dead so...did they do it?
“The only thing I can say really is there are a lot of twists and turns to this story,” Luddington told EW in a recent interview. “You will see them play out in the next episode. When you think you know what’s happened, it turns everything on its head, so just keep watching.”
If you ask Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who was there throughout Paul’s first visit to the Sloan, Jo and Alex (Justin Chambers) are the primary suspects. “What did you do?” she asked them both.
While additional details around what to expect this season have remained sparse, Luddington did say that Jo and Alex’s relationship is now forever changed.
“You see that they’re in this together,” Luddington said. “Whatever happens, they are ride-or-die at this point.”
“If she is to get closure, feeling like someone no longer has power over you is a huge thing,” Luddington said according to EW. He then explained that he hoped that Jo found peace in the future.
What better way to find peace than with Paul completely out of the picture? Just sayin'.
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