Greatest Misses (and Hits): We Pick the Worst and Best from the Men’s Collections So Far

Men's Fashion Week has already hopped from Milan to Paris, and it ain't easy keepin' up with all the collections, separating your Marni from your Moschino (not to mention all that black). In addition to singling out the top colors of the season, we're also bringing you the best and, alas, the worst from the shows so far, so you know which skinny suits to start dieting for, and which codpieces to avoid. Read on, brave ones.
First, The Worst
worst0126aAbove, Left to right:
Emporio Armani: And cookie monster lives.
Alexander McQueen: We love a good Edwardian outfit as much as anybody else, but this is like A Clockwork Orange gone wrong... very wrong.
More pans and picks below
Above, left to right:
DSquared: Because, if there's anything the old bridge-and-tunnel jeans-and-white shirt could use, it's a pair of braces. Sheesh
Dolce & Gabbana: The male hustler uniform that no actual male hustler could afford. Well, no male hustler we know.
Etro: Uh, last time we checked, this was Men's Fashion Week.
Dolce & Gabbana: We don't know what's worse: The quilting or the striped blazer. Or the fact that they're worn together.
Above, left to right:
Hugo Boss This fabric would do very well as a blanket thrown on top of us as we read Proust by the fire. But a suit? Not having it.
John Varvatos: The only thing worse than that piped-and-striped outfit is the model's look of intense displeasure. We feel your pain.
Prada: And talk about sad sacks, this poor headbanded fellow looks miserable. Seven pounds of dinky little studs would make us cry too.
Galliano: Even Captain Jack Sparrow would blanch at this pirate's uniform with red hose and garters. Kink only goes so far.
And, Because You Deserve It, The Best:
Above, Left to right:
Salvatore Ferragamo: Call us suckers for a velvet tux, but this gem reeled us in.
Gianfranco Ferre:The perfect winter white suit, tailored and lengthened to perfection.
Above, left to right:
Moschino: A tapered take on the old gaming look, Moschino has made the urban warrior's uniform sexy and sleek.
Salvatore Ferragamo: We're surprised we pulled so much out of this collection. This icy ensemble was a true catch.
John Varvatos: It's all in the details. This cool-blue suit is as sharp as a tack and deadly as a shark.
Dries Van Noten: A smooth take on '40s double-breasted style, this is the ultimate "soft power" power suit.
Above, left to right:
Burberry Prorsum: This modern newsboy is fit and proper. Extra! Extra!
Jil Sander: We want this coat, even if we have to live out of our car for the next month to buy it.
Prada: Miuccia upped the cool factor of a simple black suit with a snazzy orange shirt. Delicious.
Costume National: If you only invest in one suit this season, make it this one.
Stay tuned for more of the worst and best from the men's runways

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