I Dress Like A Greaser In Drag — Here’s How I Tell My Story

If you’re a language aficionado, and speak two, three, or even four, you’ve likely mastered the art of conversing in changing ways. But not all languages were made to be spoken. Enter: our shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, and everything in between. A voice without words, our outfit choices have the power to say what we can’t — or don’t want — to be said. Think: the comfy go-tos we throw together on murky days and the power suit we button up when it’s time to take charge. Whether it’s the clothes we string together day-by-day or those we carefully construct, every layer tells a story all on their own.
These clothing choices go hand-in-hand with our identity, which goes to say that our outfits present our emotions and our feelings — and determine how we choose to express ourselves to the world. No matter your message, fashion lets it be heard.
Take Grey, who’s using their clothes to let the world get to know them. Watch above to see how their “greaser in drag” garb works to not only embrace those who accept them but also repel those who don’t. Their ensembles — just like yours — tell their developing tale. And yes, the larger-than-life brows and expressive attire mean they’re claiming their own label — and they’re not stopping for anyone.
Welcome to MyIdentity. The road to owning your identity is rarely easy. In this yearlong program, we will celebrate that journey and explore how the choices we make on the outside reflect what we're feeling on the inside — and the important role fashion and beauty play in helping people find and express who they are.

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