Girl Next Door: Illustrator Roxanne Daner

Designer, illustrator, musician... Roxanne Daner is a Jacqueline of All Trades, and makes no qualms about it. And why should she? When you can do it all with the amount of grace and talent as she, a miles-long resume should be de rigueur. This native New Yorker crossed the nation to settle in L.A. with her actor, photographer, and musician boyfriend Adam Goldberg (the Jack to her Jacqueline!), and took a moment out of her jam-packed day to talk parks, violins, and what she loves about L.A. (but misses back home).
Name: Roxanne Daner
Occupation: Graphic designer / Illustrator
I live in: Los Feliz and our studio is in Silverlake, CA

Tell us about what you do, how did you get into it?
"These days there are two aspects to what I do. My graphdic design work, which all takes place within the Ludlow Kingsley studio, and then my illustration work under the name Yours, Roxanne.

"I've been drawn to design since I was young, before I really had a name for it. My grandmother is an amazing artist and my mom is as well, so I've been surrounded by art and artists my whole life. I also went to a Waldorf School where as much emphasis is placed on development of your artistic side as your academic side. My best friend recently reminded me that when we were kids and started a band, I was much more concerned with illustrating and designing our logo than practicing guitar (I had a brief stint with the guitar only to find that I'm a much better violinist, which I play with my boyfriends band The Goldberg Sisters. In fact, I'm currently writing on a train in London heading to a music gig).
"I can't say I knew exactly what 'graphic design' was, or that one could make a living doing it, but the more research I did, the more I realized that it really suited my interests as well as my strengths as an artist. I got my BFA in print design at The Corcoran College of Art and Design. After graduation and a few years of freelance, I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 where I met my business partner, Clark Stiles. We began working together and founded Ludlow Kingsley a few months later. It was really exciting last year to finally open our own studio in Silverlake. At Ludlow Kingsley, we love to do all sorts of projects but the majority of our work is web design."

What are your favorite parts of your work?
"I like all aspects of my work, but after years of working in design, I realized that illustrating is probably my favorite part of what I do. I find myself placing more and more emphasis on it. I'm always happy when a Ludlow Kingsley client is interested in incorporating my illustration into the design project at hand; It's twice as fun for me. I also like the moment I hear what the client is looking for and can visualize exactly what direction I'm going to take. It's that single moment when I suddenly can visualize the project as a whole that may be the most exciting."

How does your city inspire you?

"My favorite thing about Los Angeles would have to be the park—in Griffith Park—near my house. It's so unique to have this island of nature just floating in the middle of this city neighborhood. Its extremely accessible and cultivates this interesting park culture that really fascinates me. I love walking my dog there and looking at the eclectic group of people enjoying their picnics, sports, barbecues, holding hands, pushing strollers, sunbathing, having a coffee at Trails (our park cafe), and so on... I think the way that nature and urban life combine is so lovely. I find myself incorporating these characters and the park motif into much of my work lately."

Describe your daily uniform or the pieces you wear to work most?
"I wear a lot of skirts and dresses... it just always feels right in LA. Also, this denim shirt that I found at a thrift store a while back... its just starting to get really good and worn in. Every couple of weekends I like to go buy a funny cheap old dress and then tailor it in some way and make it my own.


Would you/could you live anywhere else?
"The only other place I could live is NY! I grew up there and all of my family and some of my closest friends are still there and I miss them all terribly."

What's your favorite local distraction from work?
"Well, again, that would have to be the Fern Walk at Griffith park."

Last meal in LA, where would it be and what?

"Sushi Time. I know the name sound like I'm kidding but i'm not! Sushi is my favorite and Toshi (the chef) is the best."

What's the weirdest/craziest/most awesome thing you've ever seen or found on the street?

"Our studio is a huge store front window looking out over Sunset. Every day we see some pretty amazing things... we were actually so fascinated by the activity outside that my partner Clark set up a camera to try and capture it all."

What of your work do we have to look forward to?

"I've been working on a big project involving, yep, Griffith Park. I'm still in the research phase and working it all out but its going to be really fun and hopefully refreshing! Clark and I have also been working on a fun children's book app at Ludlow Kingsley, you can see some examples on our site."

If someone recognizes you on the street, what would you like them to say?
"Hey! You're that great illustrator."

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