5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 24 2012

GQ announced their best new menswear designers and NYC is reppin' hard! Check out who made the final cut (get it?). (GQ)
The Naked Cowboy lost a lawsuit against CBS for stealing his identity because his impersonator's undies didn't say "Naked Cowboy" on the back.... or so we were de-briefed. (NY Daily News)
Another win for Jeremy Lin? His W Hotel rental in the financial district. This is a Bachelor Pad profile in the making! (NY Post)
Find out which candies Alec Baldwin would die for. Hint: their British, butterscotch, and sound kind of boring. (NY Mag)
Itching for a new Sex And The City retrospective? Check out Charlotte's style and how it differs from the actress' that plays her. (Stylelist)
Photo: Courtesy of GQ

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