Gossip Girl Might Actually Star On Gossip Girl…Or Something

Whether you're a never-miss-an-episode Gossip Girl viewer or your fandom waned in season three when the UES crew went to college (for, like, a week), the upcoming season may rope in your interest for one last time. Since the first "xoxo" utterance, the series has kept the identity of the true Gossip Girl shrouded in mystery. Sure, we know the coquettish cadence signing off each episode belongs to sloth lover for life Kristen Bell, but the character responsible for wreaking havoc on our favorite faux socialites has never directly interacted with them on screen. We still don't know the who, how, and why of the woman who's our "one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite."
Well, hold that e-blast, cause GG, herself, may become more than a voice-over in the show's final season, and us viewers may get to finally nosh on the proverbial carrot that's been dangling in front of us since episode one. Bell said that though there's many variables in play regarding the show's decision to reveal her character's story line, whether or not she actually is Gossip Girl (more cliff-hangers!), she's open to being seen rather than heard.
Tell us how you want the season to play out: Do you think that Kristen is, in fact, GG and do you want her front and forward, or stick with cliff-hangers and surprise us with a totally unexpected informant? (Oh No They Didn't)

Photo Via People