There Is A Nail-Polish Line For The Giver

Of all the movies for China Glaze to choose for its latest collaboration, the very last one we expected was The Giver. Seriously, this is one collection we never saw coming.
The book, with a movie adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges that hits theaters this Friday, is set in a postapocalyptic world where there is no color or emotions. Throughout the course of the novel, though, (spoiler!) hues do work themselves back into the community. But, they also cause a whole mess of issues for the main character.
To recap: We've got a nail-polish line about a movie in which there is zero color and then a whole lot of color. Which, when you think about it, makes sense. China Glaze gives us a host of shades, range from a putty gray to scarlet red to a deep purple. It's a collection that doesn't seem like it adheres to one theme, but this use-all-hues approach actually works.
While we maintain that this may be the most out-of-left-field nail collection in the history of nail collections, we're kind of digging the range of shades here. Click through to see all the colors. Maybe it will tide you over until the film premieres on August 15.