Girls Season 2 Episode 2: Fedoras, 911, & Hipster Racism


Photo: Courtesy of HBO/Jessica Miglio

Connie: So, here we are again guys.
Nathan: Let's do it. What'd you guys think?
Connie: I thought it was great. We actually got to see what Jessa's life is like now that she's married to Chris O'Dowd. It’s full of everything I imagine people who live in The Edge in Brooklyn doing — painting bad portraits, buying each other big gifts...
Annie: ...wearing fedoras.
Connie: Oh god, that fedora. Poor Chris.
Annie: Did you notice he kept calling Hannah, Dana?
Nathan: Ha! Is that what was going on? I thought it was just his ridiculous American accent. Why didn't they just let him be Irish? Irish guys can be finance guys, too. I really like Chris O'Dowd, but his accent is like Jimmy Stewart after dental surgery!
Connie: You can already tell that it's all going to fall apart, but for now they seem kind of happy. And those puppies! What were their names again?
girls-season-2-episode-2-1 Photo: Courtesy of HBO/Jessica Miglio
Annie: Hannukah, Garbage, and Fucker. So good. Also, Lena looked really great in her rompers. Although she called them "short-er-alls."
Connie: Yeah, they’re rompers! Short-er-alls have to have detachable straps and a bib front, but I appreciate that Lena’s preaching the romper gospel here, nonetheless. Those things are awesome.
Nathan: Aside from the rompers, I want her sleeping bag vest. It's like a snuggie on steroids. I'd never seen one of those before. If I had one, I'd never leave my apartment.
Connie: Don't you think Marnie was too easily swayed about leaving the art world? That was her career, and after two interviews she just gives up. She can't have felt very strongly about being a curator.
Nathan: If Lena Dunham's mom told me to give up being a curator, I probably would, too. But I think that's the point: None of these characters really want to be doing what they're doing. They don't have any idea what they should be doing. Not even Ray, who’s in his 30s. By the way, that "bathing a pig" was so weird and so good.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO/Jessica Miglio
Nathan: I think the Donald Glover conversation about race was was the best part of the episode, although I hope it's not the last we'll see him. It hit all the hipster-racism nails on the head, and showed just how myopic and self centered Hannah is.
Connie: Although, I just have a really hard time believing that that guy would be a Republican.
Nathan: Yeah, they make him a Republican without having him act like a Republican in any way. I guess there was a little bit of foreshadowing with The Fountainhead reference in the previous episode, but it was still jarring when everyone is like "Don't you think it's weird that he's a Republican?" and we just have to go along with it.
Connie: Also, I don't even think most Republicans are still reading The Fountainhead by the time they're in law school.
Nathan: Tell that to Paul Ryan. I read The Fountainhead freshman year of college and just generally acted like an asshole for about two weeks, but I remember that period pretty fondly.
Annie: Wait, the other big event we need to talk about is Adam's arrest. Although it finally got Hannah's message across to him.
Connie: Some people probably felt bad for Adam, because he conveys disappointment just so freaking powerfully, but the space rape part was really terrifying to me. It was the first time I’ve ever considered Adam to be really dangerous. Coming into another person’s space without her permission, and not leaving when asked is just not okay.
Annie: Totally. the cops really come when you just dial 911? In NYC, that seems so unlikely.
Connie: I don’t know about in NYC, but in Eden Prairie, MN, they do come when you call and hang up. Once, I was babysitting my little sister, and she decided to call 911 on me because I wouldn’t let her play outside, and then hung up. I almost peed myself when the cops knocked on the door.
Annie: What ended up happening?
Connie: I never told my parents, but because it was Eden Prairie, they found out anyway at some local bakesale/block party. Apparently the cop happened to live down the street and he recognized our house. Whoops.

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