Picture Perfect

We track down the latest crop of cyber It Chicks of tomorrow. By Kelley Hoffman

Everyday, more and more inspiring sites keep popping up across the globe. While many of the better-known stars started their blogs with only fashion as a hobby, we're seeing more and more international blogs penned by ladies with a foot already firmly in the door. This makes us think two things: 1) The style blogger phenomenon is no passing trend, and 2) Damn, we really wish we knew at least one Scandinavian language! While we'd be curious to see what inspired the return of Timberland-style boots or sequined bicycle shorts, we're even more excited to track the fresh shots of what's to come from our four new favorite bloggers.
Who's Behind It: Alexandra Spencer, a 19 year-old Aussie model
Blog Highlights: cheeky DIYs (cut out shorts, crotch-studded pants) and humorous inspirations (references to Michelle Quan at the Winter Olympics, Geggy Tah's "Whoever You Are")
The Style: Rock 'n' roll, half-tucked Ts, shoulder-pads, short shorts, always with camera remote or cigarette in hand.
Who's Behind It: Hanneli Mustaparta, 26, a model of eight years, darling to all the biggie street style photographers, and current VJ for MTV Norway
Blog Highlights: Behind the scenes shots at shoots, her own amazing street style photography to boot (she's got Carine Roitfeld and Erin Wasson to name a few)
The Style: Master of the High and Low (clothing from Urban Outfitters, Alexander Wang, American Apparel, and accessories from ebay, Forever 21, and Acne were all used in a single outfit, for example), as well as pulling off the unique with some trendy touches (her studded back pocket, pale denim jeans we featured inspired a wave of DIYers).
Who's Behind it: Three Copenhagen-based friends: Ingrid, 22, model; Elise, 23, designer; and Stephanie, 23, designer and stylist
Blog Highlights: Three different perspectives, style shots with friends having fun, incredible market stories
The Style: White denim, jumpsuits, circle shades, chunky boots, Acne anything and everything, Timberland boots, bicycle shorts
Filippa Berg for iCity, www.icity.se/blogg/filippa_berg.html
Who's Behind It: Swedish fashion editor (and Lover muse) Filippa Berg
Blog Highlights: Icon inspirations and her own take (DVF, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithful), everyday life shots with friends, stylish environmental shots
The Style: Self-described "psychedelic school-girl," statement sunglasses and hats, menswear with a coquettish spin
Note to readers: We hear Filippa Berg is currently on a little break so check back soon for more updates to her blog. We track down the latest crop of cyber It Chicks of tomorrow.

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