Why “You’re Just A Girl” Are Just Famous Last Words

Consider this a warning, all: Don't tell a #GIRLBOSS she can't do something because she's a girl. It's a surefire way to making sure she proves you wrong. At least, that's the very lesson we learned in the latest Nasty Gal video featuring French actress and musician, Soko.
The next installment of Portrait Of A #GIRLBOSS features the multi-talented, one-name wonder on her personal road about making it big. As her story goes, the now-successful artist was once told she couldn't play guitar because "you're just a girl." And, well, you can kinda guess where this is going, right?
With a film reel a mile long, and slightly soft, sweet voice that's the perfect accompaniment for her kooky, badass music videos, it's pretty clear that Soko's not the lady you want to bet against. Watch on for #GIRLBOSS-in-the-making tales, and proof of what happens when you utter those famous last words.

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