The Highest Ranked High-End Foundation Right Now

Finding a great foundation is probably the hardest thing to do when it comes to makeup. Compared to nail polish, makeup brushes, or even organic beauty products, foundation takes the "complicated" cake. This may sound a little dramatic, but finding a base product that checks all the boxes is a challenge — especially when we're looking for one that feels, looks, and wears well without causing a breakout. So in an effort to speed up the process, we turned to our friends at Rank & Style for their top foundation favorite. The site uses customer reviews, editors' picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products are going to work the hardest for you. (Consider its authors beauty lovers with a penchant for math.) After crunching the numbers, Rank & Style has named Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation the winner for its rave online reviews and popularity among editors. On Nordstrom user Am_breezy wrote, "I search for foundations that can literally do it all for my combination/oily skin, and this has definitely made it into my holy grail stash. It provides a light to buildable coverage, smooths over texture and pores effortlessly, doesn't emphasize dry patches, and doesn't break up around oily areas on the T-zone throughout the day." As it turns out, it's not just editors and consumers who love this stuff — just about every single YouTuber we watch is obsessed with it, too. And we can't say we're all that surprised. This foundation blends like a dream and dries to a very natural and comfortable finish. Even though it has the word "luminous" on the bottle, it's far from shiny or overly dewy. In fact, it has just the right amount of radiance to mimic real skin. This makes it an ideal foundation for everyday and night-out use.

Giorgio Armani
Luminous Silk Foundation, $62, available at Nordstrom.