5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 06 2012

Today Intermix launches an effort to help us dress for the relationship status we want, not the relationship status we have. (Intermix)
Tavi's comin' to town... but just to sing Neil Young at The Standard? This kid gets radder everyday. (NY Mag)
When you combine models and great chefs and fashion week you get Goodness (literally), the newest effort of Elettra Weidemann and Mario Batali (among other big name aprons). (NY Daily News)
Eli Manning served Tom Brady another Giant loss in Super Bowl XLVI, just another jovial event that begs the question, "What did we play before Alicia Keys and Jay-Z wrote that song?" (MSNBC)
Speaking of football, let's debunk this myth right now: Girls like sports. Even Jessica Stam! The super model hosted a Super Bowl party at Windsor Custom last night. No word on how many nachos were consumed. (NY Post)
Photo: Via Intermix

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