30+ Items To Cut From Your Closet

Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
This story was originally published on December 17, 2015.
Out with the old, in with the new. As the end of the year rolls around, now is a better time than any to get rid of the closet-space wasters that have been taking up way too much room in your wardrobe. We're talking sorority tank tops leftover from field day, sweaters that have seen too many freezing cold days, and designer heels that are pretty much impossible to wear in. Sure, they may have some hefty nostalgic value, but if they're not being worn, they're just occupying precious real estate.
Since spring cleaning is still months away, we're taking the new year as the perfect excuse to give our wardrobes a refresh — not by adding new things, but by eliminating the old and unnecessary. Ahead, we've rounded up 30 of those pieces, from the party dress you swore you'd wear eventually (but didn't) to the clutch that may be cute (but is super impractical), to help you identify the ones that need to go.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
The Shrunken Hoodie You Bought On Vacation
Let's be honest: Are you ever actually going to wear that misshapen sweatshirt you bought in the airport in [insert random tourist city here]? Our guess is no. Let it go.
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Photo via Zumiez.
The Trending Graphic Tee You Caved On
You don't even skate, bro.
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Photo: Courtesy of Azalea.
The Beat-up Work Bag You Should Have Replaced Six Months Ago
Your go-to everyday tote shouldn't look like it's been run over by a truck.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang.
The White T-shirt That's, Well, Not So White Anymore
If your white shirt is more yellowy, it's time to toss. Now.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lane Crawford.
The Black Pants That Have Faded, Desperately
We're constantly on a mission to find the darkest shade of black, so why do we keep around the pants that have turned ashen?
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Photo: Courtesy of The North Face.
The Sports Bra With Shot Elastic
It's not giving that much support if it's so stretched out, is it?
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Photo: Courtesy of Coach.
The Dry-Clean-Only Jacket You Decided To Launder
If you're heartbroken over the coat the washing machine ruined, we get it. But teddy isn't so fluffy anymore, and it's time to move on.
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Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
The Designer Collab You Had To Have
You may have waited hours in line for the must-buy item from the fast-fashion-meets-high-fashion collection of the year (Versace x H&M, Peter Pilotto x Target, etc.), but these pieces become irrelevant even faster than they fly off the shelves.
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Photo: Courtesy of Showpo.
The Overly Ripped Jeans That Shouldn't Be Considered Pants
Your jeans should probably cover more than 20% of your legs.
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Photo: Courtesy of JC Penny.
The Too-Heavy Earrings That Leave Your Earlobes Sore
Let's be real: They just don't look or feel good.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
The Worn-In Sweater That's Pilled To The Max
It's seen too many winters and survived too many layered outfits to count — and it has the battle wounds (read: pills) to show for it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York.
The "Cab-To-Curb" Sky-High Heels
What's the point of buying expensive shoes you just can't walk in?
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Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
The Ill-fitting Trousers You Wore On Your First Job Interview
Awkwardly corporate pinstripe pants won't help you land your dream role.
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Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21.
The Collection Of Shabby Fast-Fashion Buys
If you have more cotton tanks than Forever 21 itself, it's time to give your selection a serious edit (and maybe pass some down to your little sis).
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Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch.
The Sock That's Missing Its Sibling
Really, what are you going to do with just one?
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Photo: Courtesy of Browns Fashion.
The Skinny Jeans That Sag At The Knees
Finding the right pair of skinnies is hard enough — but one that has completely stretched out isn't doing you any good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Talbots.
The Shoes That Never Fail To Give You Blisters
It doesn't how many times you try to "break them in." This is a prime example of when beauty isn't worth the pain.
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Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch.
The Sample Sale Score That Doesn't Fit
Was the designer dud really a major deal if you can't actually wear it?
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Photo: Courtesy of Claires.
The Headbands From Your Blair Waldorf Phase
Good morning, Upper East Siders. Oversized bows should be reserved for toddlers only.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.
The Novelty Item You Bought On Vacation
Cowboy boots in Texas, beach sarongs in the Caribbean...souvenirs seem like a great memento of your week of R & R, but when have you ever worn them back home?
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Photo: Courtesy of Dormify.
The Sorority Tee You Still Wear To The Gym
If you've been out of college for more than one year, it's time to graduate past the world of neon frat tanks and into the realm of real athletic wear.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sonia Rykiel.
The Sparkly Dress You Bought For New Year's — But Still Haven't Worn
You meant to rock this to watch the ball drop...in 2008. If you haven't worn it by now, ask yourself: Will you ever?
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Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.
The Bodycon Dress Leftover From Your Clubbing Days
If Kim Kardashian stopped wearing them, you should, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Moschino.
The Too-trendy Piece That Never Could Have Been Timeless
Remember, fads fade very quickly.
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Photo: Courtesy of MyTheresa.
The "White" Sneakers That Have Seen Too Many Puddles
Because mud-splattered kicks just aren't cute.
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Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy.
The "Vintage" Jean Jacket You Dug Up From High School
What's the point of a piece you can't move your arms in?
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Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
The Ballet Flats With Holes In The Soles
We get it: They're super worn-in and comfy. But, they're also a tattered mess. It's time to invest in a new pair.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stylebop.
The Shrunken Button-down You've Convinced Yourself Still Fits
It may be a "classic" but if it's too tight in the mid-section, or bows out around the buttons, it's not worth keeping around.
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Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.
The Party Dress You Bought Au Cas Où
For the occasion you hoped would come up...but unfortunately never did.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Real Real.
The Wedge Sneakers
A street style staple of the past (that needs to stay there), these shoes are a prime example of a too-trendy piece that should no longer see the light of day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
The Cut-offs You Accidentally Made Too Short
Unless you're trying to take a #belfie, these are a no-no.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly.
The Evening Clutch That Fits Nothing
Literally useless.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale's.
The Moth-Eaten Sweater
Face it: It's beyond repair.
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Too-Old Underwear
...All of them. Every single pair. Throw them in the trash and buy a new multipack.
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Your Prom Dress
You'll never wear it again, we promise.
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Tights That Have Seen Better Days
That pull has grown into a gaping hole, so it's time for these to hit the trash.
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That Hat You Swore You'd Wear Again
You got it on vacation and it's been gathering dust ever since. Bye, bye.
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That Really Itchy Shirt
Who thought tulle was a good idea?
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Pretty Much Anything You Bought At A Sporting Event
Whatever it is, you think you'll use it again, but you won't.

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