29 Items To Throw Out Of Your Wardrobe

Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
Out with the old, in with the new. As the new year rolls around, now is a better time than any to get rid of the wardrobe-space wasters that have been taking up way too much room. We're talking neon tank tops leftover from Freshers Week, sweaters that have seen too many freezing cold days, and designer heels that are pretty much impossible to wear in. Yes, they may have some hefty nostalgic value, but if they're not being worn, they're just occupying precious space.
Since spring cleaning is still months away, we're taking the new year as the perfect excuse to give our wardrobes a refresh — not by adding new things, but by eliminating the old and unnecessary. Ahead, we've rounded up 29 of those pieces, from the party dress you swore you'd wear eventually (but didn't) to the clutch that may be cute (but is completely impractical), to help you identify the ones that need to go.

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