Get Tattooed At Bergdorfs With Carlos Falchi

When tattoos and handbags come together, the results are usually Ed-Hardy-disastrous. But, designer Carlos Falchi is changing our perception tomorrow with a special appearance at our fave uptown destination, Bergdorf Goodman. The handbag man and his daughter Kate are showing us how he created his rockin' collection of hand-painted Tigersnake fall '10 purse collection inspired by Henna tattoos. The seven-piece offering has clutches that channel India and are constructed with some asymmetrical shapes. Stop by to meet the man behind the goods, and score some inspiration for your own body art. Our suggestion? Go for the temporary kind. Unlike a bag, you can't stop wearing tats when they go out of style.

Friday (tomorrow), April 16th, 1-5p.m., Bergdorf Goodman
Main Floor; 754 5th Avenue (at 58th Street); 212-872-2589