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Glitter, Stickers, & Pigtails: Everything That Goes Into A Harajuku Beauty Look

Actress Lyrica Okana dresses up for Harajuku Day in Los Angeles.

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VR is a behind-the-scenes look at how high-profile celebrities prep for the red carpet. With a full glam squad at their disposal, they show us the behind-the-scenes of major events.
Tokyo's iconic Harajuku community is no longer just in Japan. The unique fashion has spread all around the world. Case in point: Harajuku Day in Los Angeles, when fans of Harajuku's many subcultures congregate in their most decorative looks.
Actress Lyrica Okano (Runaways) brought together a few friends to help her get ready for the big meet-up. And while Okano usually plays it safe with her fashion choices, Harajuku Day is anything but simple. On went a pink ombré brow, hot pink lips, and plenty of stickers to "highlight" her cheekbones.
Watch (in VR) as Okano and her friends get decked out in extravagant fake lashes, kawaii glitter tears, and yes, even fake bangs.
Lyrica Okana Gets Glam With Color At Harajuku DayReleased on December 28, 2018

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