5 Easy Tricks For A GREAT Night’s Sleep

This article was originally published on April 21, 2015.
Does it really get any better than a good night's sleep? We're inclined to say no. New recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation insist that the average person in his or her early 20s needs between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, around 40% of Americans are considered sleep-deprived, and this can lead to some nasty consequences, both small and big.
To learn about some easy ways to fall (and stay) asleep, we talked to Joyce Walsleben, PhD, of New York University's Sleep Disorders Center. "The easiest and most powerful trick people can do to improve their sleep is to get rid of time cues in the bedroom," she says. So, that means no clocks, obviously, but also cover the blinking DVR light and make sure you're too far away from your phone to check it in the early morning hours.
However, if you need a few more ideas, click through to see five other surefire ways to get those crucial ZZZs. Sweet dreams are waiting for you.

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